Change, and dust, still in air

MAST Academy has seen monumental change in recent years, and this spirit of change remains in the air.
Just this month, an awning was erected and a new fire alarm and PA system were installed. The awning has been placed and is in use, while new tables are being installed; hence the large holes in the ground on the patio.
The large wooden box on the patio is where a new outdoor lunch line will be opened in December.
Entering and exiting the cafeteria will be a much smoother process when new double doors are constructed where the club bulletin boards are currently placed.
The holes that litter the halls of our school are the precursor to the new fire alarm and PA system.
Currently, the parent drop off is located in the former front of the school, where students who take the public bus as well as students who park at the beach also enter the school. As a result, many students have been nearly impaled by cars simply entering and exiting the school. The current parent drop off was intended to be temporary.
“There will be a new parent drop off that goes around the boathouse, hopefully by December, or by the time we get back from the holiday break at the latest,” Principal Josephine Otero said.
With the constant commotion and dust in the air, it appeared to many as though the construction workers only worked during school hours. However, the principal put these rumors to rest.
“Construction takes place on Saturdays from 6:00am to 3:30pm, in addition to the work being done during the week.” Otero said.
Aside from the construction, small renovations are being done inside the building. New trashcans have been purchased and placed in the hallways. Administration is working on fixing the locks in the portables as well as the toilet paper holders.
These renovations are part of the transitional phase we have entered this school year, and the principal remains optimistic about the end result.
“The construction is just part of the heartache we must endure as a school and as a community,” Otero said.