Au revoir to retiring staff

It is now 2018, 27 years since the establishment of our school in 1991. Many of the teachers that have been here since day one are finally retiring. Among these are Mr. Kirk, Mrs.Ulman, and Mr.Rapoza who have been beloved MAST teachers for years.

Other teachers have also been a big part of the school community are also leaving, including Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Rivas. Many of these retirees plan to sit back, relax, and enjoy their retirement, but most importantly they are looking forward to not having to grade papers.

Several other teachers are transferring to other schools like Mrs. Forero and Mrs. Ciresi, who are looking for new opportunities to collaborate with a different student body and faculty.

Our teachers however, will be able to keep their legacy alive as they have changed our school and created a unique learning experienced at MAST.