Anti-bullying measures enforced

On February 7, MAST kicked off its Anti-Bullying campaign with a student presentation in each homeroom about a recently-prevalent issue in our school: racism. The Student Government Association chose students to be representatives in each homeroom to talk about this rising issues to their peers and how serious it has become.

“There have been reports of students using racial slurs and inappropriate jokes in school, outside of school, on the busses, and on social media,” activities director Jennifer Fernandez.

MAST is working to be certified as a “No Place For Hate school”, which involves putting together a group of 30 students and faculty members, as well as conduct a three day training called “Anti Bias and Diversity Training.” The purpose of this training is so that when the students are trained, they are equipped to train other students. The program addresses issues of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination within our school. The students are trained to learn how to reply to incidents and help in such situations.

There are going to be many activities to bring students together and help bring more respect between them in an effort to reduce bullying. There will be a series of pledges put in place to see which students agree with making our school a “No Place for Hate.”

“Doing a pledge raises awareness and it creates a buy in for everybody,” Fernandez said.

The school is also going to create a banner to show that they are a ‘No Place for Hate’ school. Student government is the head of the project, but department heads and clubs such as Black Student Union, Gay-Straight Alliance, Jewish Student Union, and the Bible Club have gotten involved.

With such infrastructure in place, student leaders and administrators are hoping to create a community against bullying and are striving to make MAST a bully-free school.