25 years of MAST history

For 25 years, MAST Academy has been a school that encourages a love of learning, academic excellence, and thinking outside the box.
One of the teachers who had a pivotal role in shaping MAST into the school it is today is Margaret Haun.
One of MAST’s first English teachers, Haun has seen the school change and grow throughout her 25 years at MAST.
“When I first stepped into the building in 1991, there was a backhoe digging part of the foundation in front of where room two is now. We got into the school perhaps a week and a half later but it was still very much a construction site. We had only 252 students and all classes were offered in the main atrium area and down the science hallway,” Haun said.
MAST has changed since its establishment.
Originally, MAST only had three teachers in the English department, including Haun.
There were very few English Advanced Placement classes due to the math and science oriented curriculum.
“The English Department has certainly changed: there are many more people now. Initially, there were only three of us. The next year six, I think-and we grew after that for quite some time. I was a Chair of the humanities division only in the first year. In year two, I became Lead Teacher for the entire school–an opportunity I will always be grateful for in so many ways. I was a controversial choice because I do not have credentials in science, but I received the offer and ran with it,” Haun said.
With Haun as a trailblazer and the help of several other teachers help, the MAST English Department has flourished and there are now multiple English and humanities classes including film–another class suggested by Haun.