What’s in for prom

With prom season just around the corner, malls and stores have become inundated with anxious teenage girls hoping to find the “perfect” dress.
Nevertheless, the unlimited amount of styles and colors make looking for a dress almost impossible. Here are some trends that will narrow down the options and ease your way into the prom dress mayhem.
Phone, lipstick, and money. These are the essentials for just about every girl.
A stylish way to keep everything at hand is to take a clutch or a purse with a chain strap or knuckle ring which is easy to carry.
Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces should not be over the top, but should instead be in harmony with the dress color, cut, and style.
Long dresses look nice with long earrings which elongate the neck and look great with an updo. Short dresses work best with statement shoes which make up for the extra leg space.
Short Dress vs. Long Dress
For decades it has been thought that short dresses are casual while long dresses provide a formal and elegant look.
With today’s styles, a short dress can be just as fun and sophisticated as a long dress.

Leg Slits
Angelina Jolie’s iconic leg slit has become a staple in prom dresses. For an appropriate and school-approved twist to the Jolie leg slit, dresses with slits no higher than the mid-thigh are the way to go.
Sweetheart Neckline
This retro and feminine style became especially popular in the sixties.
It accentuates the neck and shoulders while leaving space for a beautiful statement necklace.
This delicate neckline can also fit the enchanted prom theme because it gives a “princessy” feel.
Off the Shoulder Straps
The off the shoulder style is similar to the sweetheart neckline but the straps gently sweep over the shoulders to give a more mature and classy look. This style is also comfortable, trendy, and chic.
With our Enchanted-themed prom, the ideal look that comes to mind is a princess/fairytale look.
Some colors that fall under this category are icy blue, silver, gold, pink, lilac or pale purple.
Girls with a light skin tone will find that emerald and baby blue will fit them best.
Girls with a medium tone can make their skin stand out with metallic, grayish, or even neon colors.
Finally, girls with a deep tone can definitely rock colors like cobalt blue, light yellow, and red.
Despite all the trends and styles, please remember to stay true to yourself and feel comfortable because when you feel good, you look good.