Top five restaurants to get a vegan or vegetarian meal

Being a vegan or a vegetarian can be extremely rewarding, but, unfortunately, only being able to eat bland salads takes the fun out of eating out. Luckily, your days of tasteless lettuce, suspicious-looking tomatoes, and overly sour dressings are over!
Below you will find five incredible restaurants and cafes filled with a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian foods ranging from burgers to pasta to cheesecakes. Eating an organic plant-based diet has never tasted so good.
1. Dr. Smood
You do not have to be a vegan, vegetarian, or health enthusiast to love this place. Number one on my list is none other than Dr. Smood.
It is the coolest, and soon to be hottest, new place in town. Dr. Smood is hands-down the best spot for an amazing breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any quick pick-me-up throughout the day.
Their organic tiramisu, chocolate pancakes, non-dairy “milkshakes,” and variety of sandwiches ranging from ham and cheese to hummus and avocado are enough to please any passing Miamians.
Additionally, salad lovers are in for a real treat with their organic quinoa salad.
My only complaint is that items are little more on the pricy side with most menu items valued under $20, and the portions are a bit small.
The quality and freshness of their products are definitely worth the treat.
2. Plant Theory
Located in Miami Beach, Plant Theory is any vegan’s or vegetarian’s paradise. Burgers ($13-14), lasagna ($14), empanadas ($3 each), and the best vegan ice cream ($5) you will ever try are just a few among a wide variety of mouthwatering yet healthy menu items to choose from.
It does not look like much from the outside (or the inside for that matter) but you are in for a party…in your taste buds.
3. Choices Organic Cafe
Number three on my list is Choices. This cafe/restaurant really lives up to its name with its mind-boggling variety of good raw and vegan food.
Choices is great for any time of day, but if I am going to put my two cents in, I will highly recommend going for breakfast, and try the breakfast scramble (just $13.94), acai bowl (for $10.76), oatmeal, pancakes, or the breakfast burrito.
The choices are overwhelming (in a good way) and each item on the menu is more delicious and healthy than the last.
4. Vegan Aroma
Vegan Aroma can only be described as a vegan Italian restaurant. Although they do offer smoothies and fresh juices for under $10 as well as rave-worthy sandwiches and wraps for $15, the real stars of the show are definitely the pasta and pizza .
More specifically, their heavenly Hawaiian pizza for $12 and their scrumptious ravioli dellzla for $14.
Follow these up with any of their luscious desserts (preferably their raw lemon or orange cheesecake or their raw orange or chocolate mousse for $8 and $5, respectively) and you have got yourself a perfectly satisfying meal.
5. Sublime
Last but not least, Sublime truly lives up to its name.
With award-winning menu items you have to try for yourself, this fancy restaurant has received numerous accolades, including four out of four stars in the Sun-Sentinel and USA Today’s top 10 in the nation for serving cuisine with a clear conscience.
It is not exactly in the area, but this list would not be complete without it.
Perfect for a night out, I highly recommend it to anyone, whether you follow a plant-based diet or not.
These five restaurants are sure to become any vegan or vegetarian’s, and even some meat lovers, new favorite place to get a great meal.