The new face of The Daily Show

wart left his desk on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and the comedy world is still reeling.
Late night viewers, however, now have something else to look forward to; The Daily Show with Trevor Noah debuted earlier this month.
Noah intends to pick up right where Stewart left off, attacking politicians and traditional media outlets in the fight against nonsense, for lack of a better term.
Noah brings a new style to The Daily Show. His delivery is mostly composed of sly, witty, clever remarks. His comedic style is also quieter than Stewart’s.
Noah has had a busy first few weeks, interviewing big name guests including Kevin Hart, Aaron Sorkin, Rachel Maddow, and presidential candidate Chris Christie.
Noah also addressed the Oregon school shooting. He was widely criticized for his take on that matter. Viewers, who are accustomed to Stewart’s ability to have a true and honest connection with his audience in moments of tragedy, were expecting the same from Noah, something that he did not deliver.
Others are questioning the direction the show may be taking, as Noah plans to turn his focus towards online forms of media.
It is important to remember that this is just the beginning. Viewers are going to have to give Noah some time to get comfortable in his new seat, especially knowing that taking over for Stewart is a nearly impossible task.
Not even Jon Stewart became Jon Stewart in a week. It took time for him to adjust, to get acquainted with the style and content he was covering. It will take time for Noah to develop his style, to find what he is comfortable covering and how he is comfortable doing it.
It was never a question of whether he would be funny enough to fill Stewart’s shoes, but if he was sharp enough.
Stewart became a superstar because of his intellect. He has an ability to shut down arguments and expose holes and nonsense in politician’s rhetoric and in media outlets such as Fox News while making you laugh at the same time.
Noah has shown some very promising moments of brilliance. One bit comparing Donald Trump to presidents of different African countries went viral on social media. Noah also rebounded on the gun control argument, criticizing the lack of support for gun control from pro-life supporters.
The Daily Show appears to be in good hands, and viewers may be able to look forward to the impossible: replacing Jon Stewart.