The Florida Project

“Poverty is no disgrace, but it is a great inconvenience.”The Florida Project  reinforces this saying by showcasing poverty stricken neighborhoods prevalent in Central and Northern Florida through the adventures of a young, playful girl named Moonee.The Florida project illustrates people living in the outskirts of Florida finding it increasingly difficult to maintain economic stability. The movie follows the life of Moone as her mother, Halley, deteriorates socially and economically, struggling to make the rent, maintaining a profession, and selling perfume in the parking lots of the fancier hotels in Orlando.

As James Baldwin once said, “anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” Maintaining a menial vocation is not sufficient to  keep Halley’s family fed and thriving. The sense of community kept the families living in the pink motels alive. In the face of struggle, solidarity brings comfort. The motels are located right outside the ‘most magical place on earth,’ yet people are blindsided by the materialistic glamour that prevails through Disney.

Disney has always been a common staycation for people living in South Florida- a celebratory radiant park filled with smiling children anticipating their next ride. However, just outside the place ‘where dreams come true,’ are children anticipating their next meal.