Scream Queens: there is really nothing to scream about

If you came here looking for the next Ryan Murphy series to get hooked on, then you have come to the wrong place. While it may be an entertaining watch, Scream Queens is far from perfect.

There is no traveling troupe of freak shows, no murderous clown, and no high school glee club here. Instead, all there is is a group of annoying sorority girls who love to scream and who seem to sit around and wait for other people to solve their problems.

In 1995, a sorority girl is left to die after being forced to give birth in a bathtub. Her murderer was never found, and her death was covered up by the school dean.

Now, twenty years later, a killer dressed in a red devil outfit is out to kill all the sorority girls, but no one knows who it is. That’s the only good thing about Scream Queens:it keeps you watching just to find out who the killer is.

All the characters have a motive for wanting to kill the sorority girls, so it really could be anyone of them behind the red devil mask. However, more often than not, you find yourself hoping that the killer succeeds in killing the girls, rather than the other way around.

That is because the characters are in no way likable. Chanel No.1, played by Emma Roberts has no redeemable qualities; she’s mean to the bone and abuses the other members of the sorority.

Meanwhile, the other members of the society are so stupid you find yourself praying that the devil will get to them before you lose more IQ points.

One girl, for example, spends the entire first episode shouting that she is deaf and mistakens everything the other girls say for Taylor Swift lyrics.

Another girl runs to her computer when the red devil is in her room and starts typing out a tweet to post on her twitter feed hoping that somebody will see it and run into her room instead of yelling out for help.

Instead, the red devil ends up stabbing her in the back before she has the chance to send the message.

While I know this was intended to be funny, all it does is create feelings of frustration at how ridiculous the characters are.

Understandably, in every comedy, you will have characters that are there purely for comic relief. They have no substance and they are not all that bright. The problem with Scream Queens is that no character is dynamic or complex. They are plain stupid.

While Scream Queens is intended to be a comedy that does not mean that is has to be stupid.

I would not totally diminish the value of a show like Scream Queens, as it does have that addictive quality that keeps you watching. But, it is not worth frustrating over just to find out which one of the many ridiculous characters is out for vengeance.

Scream Queens just does not have the same level of sophistication that Ryan Murphy’s other projects have.

Do yourself a favor and stick to American Horror Story and Glee because Scream Queens is not worth becoming your next Ryan Murphy fix.