Piggy Tales Remastered

Three years ago, an inspired Jay Hendrix logged onto his computer and created a Youtube channel titled “Piggy Tales Remastered.” Little did he know that it would turn into much more than some ordinary channel.  Hendrix , a sophomore, has 21,786 subscribers and he generates millions of views. His videos are about Angry Birds universe specifically the piggies.  Although his first video was not initially about Piggy Tales, upon discovering other people making videos about it, he decided to make it the focus of his channel.

Hendrix’s content consists of his own twist on the Angry Birds channel Piggy Tales’ videos, using his own effects to blow up the pigs or drop balls on them. Hendrix takes what he sees in the games and videos and puts his own interpretation on it to make them his own.  

“Most people compliment my videos. My family really likes my videos. Sometimes I get some hate comments, but haters gonna hate you know,” Hendrix said. No matter what people say, he does not let the negativity bring him down and keeps producing the content that he loves making.  

Youtubers with a lot of views get paid as part of a Youtube creator partnership.  Hendrix’s most popular video has 3.4 million views, generating more buzz about the channel. “In a way they pay me to be a billboard,” Hendrix said. Youtube puts ads on all his videos, producing revenue each time the ad is played. Out of the four years that he has had the channel, he’s been collecting revenue for about a year.

His videos are intended for all audiences and he believes that anyone can watch them and be entertained.  Sometimes he gets help from his brother, Todd Hendrix, in making his videos.  Hendrix’s favorite videos that he has made so far are “Piggy Tales Remastered: Pigs at Work: Step 1” and “Piggy Tales Remastered: Third Act: Art School.”  His new video, “Piggy Tales Remastered: Fourth Street” will be coming out soon; he hopes all viewers look out for it.