MAST Productions looks to “reel” in film lovers

If you happen to be walking the hallways of MAST Academy in the afternoon on October 29, do not be alarmed by the screams that will be heard outside room film teacher and Film Club advisor Esperanza Martinez’s classroom.

The new Film Club will be watching a classic horror film in honor of Halloween.

This is the first of a few screenings the Film Club, or Mast Productions, plans to have.

The club will not only be watching movies but analyzing and relating them to current events, blending the past and present.

They also plan on volunteering at and attending film festivals around Miami to learn about the process of filmmaking.

“I hope the members of the club will understand the importance of the written word becoming visual and audio…the changing of one medium to another,” Martinez said.

Students will experience all aspects of the filmmaking process, from writing and directing to producing and editing.

These efforts will culminate into club projects that Martinez plans on showing to the students, faculty, and parents.

All of the club members are looking forward to creating these short films.

“We have a lot in the works and we can’t wait to do everything we’ve planned. Members can expect guest speakers, field trips, and lots of fun activities,” club president junior Alexandra DeQuesada said.

DeQuesada is pleased with the excellent attendance at the first two meetings.

She loves to stand at the front of the class, see the seats filled and hear enthusiasm and ideas in the air.

Many attendees have already voiced some of their ideas with the most popular being the creation of an updated video for the school website.

So if you find yourself on October 29 looking for a scare to put you in the Halloween spirit, then go pay the Film Club a visit.

A good time, great company, and delicious snacks are guaranteed.