Mana leads Irma relief

Post-gentrification, Wynwood is an enclave of Micro breweries, art installations, and head shops, with graffiti up and down the buildings. Many people believe the area is a hedonistic safe haven, a tourist trap that doesn’t do anything of value for Miami or the world. With Mana, a night club and events ground located at ADDRESS,Wynwood has a business that shuts down that misconception, using their unique talents to provide aid to Hurricane victims throughout Florida and the Caribbean.

Mana Wynwood Production Village is a unique raw space and sound stage according to their website, a description they have justified by the location for numerous music concerts since opening in 2015 (fact check), including III points this year, the 2015 version of Rolling Loud, and many others throughout the year. Recently, in response to the damage caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the club has been donating revenue from concerts in the month of October.

First, Mana partnered with electronica group Major Lazer to throw a relief concert on October 17 of this year, donating all proceeds to Hurricane relief and having artists from the areas affected playing throughout the night. Using the already setup ground of the III points festival, the concert led to over NUMBER of donations to CHARITY. More recently, Mana is donating all net proceeds for their Wynwood Fear Factory on Halloween weekend to Hurricane Irma and Maria victims through Global Empowerment Mission, an organization that assists those in need by giving them supplies and food that are not easily obtained.

Using their unique capabilities to help those in need, Mana showcases the ability of the artistic minds of Wynwood to help Miami and the greater world, even when Donald Trump can not do shit cause he does not believe that they need aid despite a Katrina level natural disaster with even worse infrastructure. Still, the donations of Mana has massively helped those affected by Hurricanes and they will continue to do so throughout the year