How to earn money while managing high school stress

The life of a high school student is one where free time seems like an ethereal concept.
Trying to find the balance and time for everything in our lives almost seems like we are putting together a puzzle where the pieces do not fit.
Parents want good grades while we want sleep and money in order to have an active social life. In between everything going on, we long for something extra, a moment to relax. That nearly seems impossible with everything else going on, so it does not seem feasible to fit a job into our schedule.
Many students find the idea of a job impossible.
“I don’t think I would have time during school with all the schoolwork,” sophomore Abram Crespo said.
To most high school students, the idea of a job is purely that—an idea.
More than anyone, MAST students know the pressure that comes with school, and a job after school makes everything seem more difficult.
Only, it does not have to be stressful. It can be managed. A job can not only bring in cash, but it can challenge and help prepare a teen for future, more difficult jobs.
The solutions to this problem are planning and being realistic. Do not try to work more hours than you can comfortably manage, no matter how tempting the extra money is.
Planning transportation and getting the family to help out can make things easier to cope with. Use free time wisely and get homework done in slow class periods.
You should also keep in mind that part-time jobs do not require working every single day.
So do not worry, you will have days off. Use those wisely.
“I worked at the Miami Yacht Club during the school year and it wasn’t that hard because I worked one day a week. I was out on the water teaching kids to sail so I also learned to sail better myself,” sophomore Jonah Schaechter said.
Speaking to the manager beforehand and finding a job that allows fixed schedules can help balance your time in between extra-curricular activities and homework.
So if you have a sport on a certain day of the week, you can work on days that will not impact your practice and game time.
Businesses that accept high school students around 16 years of age or older include Publix, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Chipotle, Panera, and Chik-Fil-A.
Some retail clothing stores, such as Kohl’s, will accept workers of 17 years of age or older. Those who are not interested in working in such places can always find an alternative such as babysitting or tutoring.
A part-time job can be more manageable than most teenagers would think. Earning your own money is a great experience, and the lessons about time managment, organization, and working with others that you learn on the job are priceless.