From YouTube fame to stardom

With her mellow acoustic tunes and his fresh-sounding cheerful melodies, songwriters and youtubers Kina Grannis and her husband Jessie Epstein have risen to prominence.
Born and raised in Mission Viejo, California, Grannis started composing in elementary school by creating piano compositions.
At age 15, she began teaching herself guitar and quickly fell in love with the instrument.
Her career launched when she won the Doritos Crash Super Bowl contest.
As a result, she scored a recording contract with Interscope Records and had her music video played in the commercials of the Super Bowl XLII.
Grannis is most known for her unique covers and her mellifluous album Elements.
On its release day, Elements received a spot on the iTunes Singer Songwriter chart and was ranked number one on iTunes Canada.
Meanwhile, Grannis’ beautiful and haunting cover of Sia’s Chandelier boasts more than 11 million downloads on Spotify.
In order to promote her music, the half-Japanese, half-European-American singer releases music every Monday for “Kina Mondays,” in which she features a new music video or cover on her YouTube channel every week.
Her husband Jessie Epstein, also known as Imaginary Future, is also heavily involved in the music industry.
In 2015, he released his album Sunlight, which featured 11 love songs to Grannis, each song a love letter that represents a year in their relationship.
The album represented a critical change in Epstein’s music style from melancholy ballads to joyful tunes.
The album features upbeat melodies perfect for a road trip, and even some duets with Grannis.
The most popular songs of the album are Real Love and Love is the Beginning.
Grannis and Imaginary Future have something in their music that is seldom found in songs that are constantly being played on the radio.
Their songs contain a captivating aura of genuine sincerity and a devotion to expressing the human emotions of joy and love.