Food trucks drive into the spotlight


A new craze has spread across South Florida and people everywhere are in a permanent food coma. The idea of on-the-go specialty foods is appealing to consumers, leading to the rising popularity of food trucks.
Food trucks can be privately or publicly owned and can carry a variety of dishes ranging from a simple grilled cheese sandwich to innovative chicken and waffle sliders.
The growing popularity of the business has earned food trucks spots at a number of festivals, including the Coral Skies and Coastline music festivals, and in the movie industry. The 2014 movie Chef, which Jon Favreau wrote, directed, and starred in as top star chef Carl Casper, who opens his own Cuban cuisine inspired food truck in Miami Beach.
Food trucks have revolutionized the food industry by giving chefs more freedom to serve what they wish without being limited to restaurant standards.
“I think food trucks can introduce a variety of new foods to people who wouldn’t eat that food otherwise,” junior Carolina Sanchez de Varona said.
Students are not the only ones who embrace the idea of food trucks. MAST teachers also praise the idea of food on-the-go.
Spanish teacher Lynn Paisley said, “[Food trucks offer] lots of options for places with few restaurants– more fun (sometimes) than standing restaurants….Who doesn’t love the sound of an ice cream truck?”
However, even as food trucks become more popular, there are still speculations to be made about their hygiene. The idea of food that is prepared on a moving vehicle leaves questions about disposal of its waste and the freshness of its ingredients.
“To be honest, I have never liked the idea of food trucks. They have always seemed quite unsanitary to me. There is little room and not enough time which often hinders keeping a sanitary environment,” freshman Macarena Cañardo said.
Although there is no word of food trucks making a regular appearance at MAST, students hope for the possibility of them catering at upcoming school events. In a school populated with hungry teenagers of diverse cultures, food trucks are the perfect way to bring unique meal options and new experiences to MAST students and staff.