Bertoni Gelato brings Italian favorites to Key Biscayne

In The Square shopping center on Key Biscayne is a charming connection to the sweet flavors of Italy: Bertoni Gelato.
Bertoni is a family-owned chain that was founded in the 50s in Italy.
Since then, the scrumptious gelato has spread to Argentina and the Miami area. The current owner is an Italian-Argentine, who is a descendent of the store’s original founders.
The store has a quaint and charming layout consisting of an ice cream counter and several two-person tables with small couches in the front, all resting on beautiful Italian tile. The quaint yet modern décor gives a feeling of refined simplicity.
The early century-style milk cans and the 50s style uniforms of the workers conjure up memories of a simpler time.
Gelato is not the only item on the menu; Bertoni has a vast selection of Italian pastries, fresh fruit juice, Italian coffee, and desserts like gelato mousse.
Bertoni’s authentic Italian gelato is made fresh every day in-store out of all-natural and fresh ingredients, as are the pastries you see right when you walk in.
The gelato comes in a myriad of creative flavors. For example, Havana alfajores is a strong dark chocolate gelato with pieces of Havana alfajor.
Another flavor, Dolce Vita, has both sweet and bitter chocolate combined with dulce de leche.
Bertoni offers gelato in cones for $7.50 and cups for $5.99, $7.50, and $8.20, in small, medium, and large sizes, respectively.
Bertoni has become incredibly popular among students at MAST. Students are already flocking to Bertoni’s after school.
“I love it, I go almost every day; my favorite combination of flavors is raspberry and vanilla. It tastes like cheesecake!” senior Sofia Sellar said.
“I really enjoyed the delectable waffle cones,” senior Santiago Lostao said.