Battlefront released

While fans worldwide anxiously wait for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, they are thrown a bone in the form of a video game Star Wars: Battlefront. Battlefront, as it is more commonly called, launched November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
The game is a reboot of the older Battlefront franchise, whose last game came out in 2005. After years of dormancy, the series was rebooted after the hype brought on by the release of The Force Awakens.
Battlefront combines a first-player shooter with an intergalactic dogfighter game; in one game a player can switch between fighting as a soldier, flying an X-wing, or driving a speeder. It’s a dream come true for any Star Wars fan, or anyone in general.
In the multiplayer-game mode “supremacy,” the rebels and the empire fight off in a huge battlefield with assault vehicles, star fighters, and ground troops; it features the biggest map in the game and can hold up to 40 players.
The only downside to the game is its strong reliance on the multiplayer mode. There is no story campaign, and if not subscribed either Xbox live or PlayStation network, the player can only choose from six short missions and a handful of other lackluster game modes. These missions, while entertaining, are short and get repetitive after playing them multiple times.
On the other hand, the multiplayer mode offers gamers a chance to pilot vehicles like the A-wing or a TIE Fighter, and drive speeders and AT-STs. One can also play in a game mode where the objective is to kill all the other teams heroes or villains. Players earn credits after each mission they play and they can use those to upgrade their weapons and customize their player avatar.
Star Wars: Battlefront’s engaging multiplayer mode is the key to its success. Overall, the game delivers on its promise of a fun and immersive setting that will give gamers a fulfilling experience.