Ballerina hits the court

Our society often depicts ballerinas as meek and timid, but Alexia Vignau, who is both a ballerina and a lawyer for teen court, refutes this stereotype.
Vignau, currently a sophomore, describes herself as driven, opinionated, and strong-willed. She volunteers regularly at Florida Association of Teen Courts, or Teen Court, as an attorney.
Teen Court is an organization devoted to helping juvenile offenders learn from their mistakes while helping them repay their debt to society. As an attorney, Vignau deals with cases that involve theft, drugs, trespassing, and break-ins.
Her favorite part oalexiafulllf the job is being exposed to different people and being able to learn people and public speaking skills and having a chance to help in the community. Vignau learned about the organization two years ago from a friend.
“I think it’s cool and not something ordinary. It provides hands on learning that I can’t get anywhere else. It also teaches me about how our government works,” Vignau said.
Vignau has witnessed injustices in the court. “Sometimes I feel like the defendant gets away with too much. Since the jury can be made up of past defendants, they can sometimes be too lenient or even too harsh,” Vignau said.
In addition to being involved in the community, Vignau also has a creative side. Her hobbies include dancing ballet en pointe, writing, and creating artwork. Vignau dances at a studio named Beatriz Vignau Dance Studio, which is run by Vignau’s aunt. She has been dancing since she was in kindergarten and en pointe since seventh grade.
Vignau loves ballet because it’s challenging and provides a great workout and is a good way to stay fit. She writes anecdotes from her life and works of fiction.
The trilingual (Vignau speaks English, Spanish, and Greek) soon to be quardrilingual (she is also learning German) teen said that when it comes to the future she is keeping her mind open to different career opportunities and is aiming for an Ivy League college.
If Vignau could change the world she would want “to enhance communication between societies, people, and family,” she said.
She also happens to have graduated salutatorian from her middle school Archimedean, an event that seems to be foreshadowing an even brighter future.