A twist on classic Valentine’s Day activities

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and countless couples are tired of going on the same old dates. Lucky for them, Miami is a hotspot for unique date ideas. The Beacon brings a fresh twist to couple’s routine dates.
Picnic: Local parks are full of blushing couples on Cupid’s day, but packed parks are not every couple’s ideal location for a little romance. A trip to Oleta River State Park, host to many of physical education teacher Kelly Hendrickson’s numerous field trips, is a fun twist on the typical picnic. For only $40 two people can rent a kayak and spend two hours in the beautiful Oleta Park. You and your special someone can traverse the many islands that encompass the park. Make sure you pack a bag including sandwiches and a blanket. Bring your bag on the tandem kayak and enjoy having a lovely picnic on a beautiful island.


Movies: Instead of going to the same cliché movie theater where every other couple chooses to go, head over to a drive-in movie. Blue Starlite Miami Drive-in is the perfect location for a distinct movie experience. For $25, two passengers can attend the showing, and for $45 concessions are added. If $25 is a bit pricy, Blue Starlite provides the option of walking or biking into the pedestrian area for a low $7 per person, and with another $8, dinner from the restaurant Taurus is included. Located in Coconut Grove, the drive-in plays classics like Die Hard, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Goonies, among others. Blue Starlite provides a perfect way to take a trip back to the past and experience movies the old way.

Beach: Do you ever go to the beach and wonder what you are going to do afterwards? At Hollywood beach there are no worries. The amazing two-and-a-half-mile boardwalk offers a myriad of adorable date possibilities. They have free outdoor concerts, mini golf and bike rental stores. You can begin your day by renting a two-person bike for $25 an hour or if you are on a budget rent a “beach cruiser bike” (a one person bike) for $10 an hour. Once your hour has concluded, return the bike and relax at the beach, enjoying the gentle lull of the ocean and watching the sun set. Continue your date by picking from any of the tasteful restaurants that adorn the boardwalk.


Dinner: While dinner at a five-star restaurant is always on any couple’s list of ideal dates, privacy at crowded restaurants is scarce, and some couple’s enjoy each other’s presence a bit more than a good meal.
This Valentine’s Day, pick up take-out at your favorite restaurant, head on home and make the night memorable with a series of cute activities. Start off the night with a board-game, like Scrabble, Monopoly or Jenga. Snuggle up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and put on a DVD like 10 Things I Hate About You, Ghost, Casablanca, Titanic or The Notebook.