A look at life had we lost the war

What would the world be like if the Axis Powers had won World War II? Watch The Man in the High Castle, and find out.
The Man in the High Castle, depicts an alternate world where Americans lost World War II, and the United States is partitioned into three zones: the Japan’s Pacific States of America west of the Rocky Mountains, Germany’s Great Nazi Reich east of the Appalachian Mountains, and a neutral zone in between.
Now, it is 1962. It has been 15 years since the Nazis and the Japanese took control of the United States.
The peoples’ liberties are severely limited; their access to media is censored; and Jews are targeted by the government for elimination. However, there is still a resistance movement, a group of older generation Americans who remember life before the war, who dream of a return to the past.
In comes Joe Blake, a 27-year old man, who seeks to join the resistance effort to continue his father’s legacy. He is told to drive into the neutral zone to make contact with another resistance member.
Then, a film titled The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is discovered by Juliana Crain, a woman living in the Pacific States. Created by a man who calls himself the Man in the High Castle, this film depicts an alternate history of where the Allies won the war.
Instantly, Juliana begins to believe that the way the world is portrayed in the video is the way life should be. After finding out her sister, who died with the film in her possession, was en route to deliver it to a contact in the neutral zone, Juliana sets out to finish the job.
Her boyfriend Frank Frink is arrested when Juliana leaves. But Frank has problems that extend far beyond being taken into custody. Frank is a Jew, who has to keep his background hidden to avoid extradition from the Pacific States and death at the hands of the Nazis.
The Nazis will stop at nothing to halt the dissemination of the film Juliana is carrying. If the film becomes widely known to the public, their system of government may be overrun by a revolution and the Reich will collapse.
The premise of The Man in the High Castle is terrifying, a window into a world that could exist if the Axis Powers had won World War II.
It is because of its chilling realism that The Man in the High Castle truly soars, and that is why it is a must watch for all.